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Community description:free-to-use musebox for all those interested, knock yourselves out
Spira was taken from the Final Fantasy X games and brought here, in Farplaned.
A place where Amanda's many muses dwell.
~free-to-use musebox for anyone~

Spira is a fictional world in which the stories of both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 occur.
Surrounded by the ocean, and probably taking place in a planet a bit smaller than our very
own Earth, Spira is composed of one mainland continent with several smaller islands to the
East, West and South. It consists of many diverse climates.
Its locations are as follows (in order of appearance in Final Fantasy X):

Baaj Temple
Besaid Island
Mi'ihen Highroad
Mushroom Rock
Guadosalam & The Farplane
Thunder Plains
Calm Lands, Remiem Temple & Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
Mt. Gagazet
Zanarkand Ruins

Somewhere far beyond the seas resides another Zanarkand; a Dream Zanarkand
It is unknown to Spira's inhabitants due to their lack of proper technology.

(RULES heh heh)

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